Welcome to Kids of the 80s

Kids of the 80s website is dedicated to the 1980s, the greatest decade to grow up in. 
Do you remember what it was like watching Goonies for the first time? Bed time with your Glo worm toy? Micro machines, arcades, ghostbusters. Trying to get your parents to buy you a lava lamp or the Millenium Falcon. Sitting down to Fraggle Rock on a Saturday morning. The list of awesome things in the 80s is endless and hopefully this site can bring that all back.
The site is jam packed full of all of your favourite films, cartoons, toys and music. We've scoured the internet to pull together all of those childhood memories into one place. There's intro clips to old cartoons, cool t-shirts and gadgets and a whole host of other stuff to get that nostalgia going.
You can buy almost everything on this 1980s website by simply clicking on the 'BEST DEAL ON THE WEB' link.
Enjoy your journey back to the 80s!!!
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